Saturday, April 11, 2009

Passover Feast: P2 Veal Brisket

I know, I know, this does not look appetizing.  We should have taken the picture after it was cut and put on the serving plate, but this is the roast straight from the oven.  I promise, it is much more presentable once cut and tastes INCREDIBLE! This roast is tender, moist and has a ton of flavour! This recipe came from the Toronto Star but changed it slightly.  

3 tbsp olive oil
5 onions, halved, sliced
about 4 Ib (2 kg) brisket (you may use veal or beef)
salt and pepper to taste 
1 tsp paprika
3 tsp Montreal Steak Spice
1 cup cola 
1 cup pearl onions 

1.  Pour oil into dutch oven big enough to hold brisket flat. Heat on medium-low.  Add onions.  Cook, stirring occasionally, until soft and golden, about 30 minutes. Scrape onto plate. 

2.  Season brisket on each side with salt, pepper, and Montreal Steak Spice.  Raise heat to medium-high.  Brown brisket well on both sides.

3.  Arrange brisket fat side up.  Sprinkle paprika over top.  Drizzle cola gently over top.  Strew onions and their juices over meat.  Place pearl onions around meat.  Cover pot with foil, then lid.

4.  Transfer to preheated 350ºF oven.  Braise 2 1/2 hours, until meat is just tender, basting twice with cooking liquid.

5.  Scrape onions off meat into liquid.  Transfer meat to large tub.  Pour contents of pot over top.  Cool. 

6.  When cooled, slice meat thinly against the grain and transfer to serving dish. Pour sauce overtop and arrange pearl onions around the meat. 

Photography by Ruzan Orkestar

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