Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Best Homemade Cheeseburger

Looking for the best cheeseburger recipe? Look no further than Parts and Labour's Chef Matty Matheson's ridiculously simple and delicious recipe for making the perfect cheeseburger. I love this recipe because it rivals some of my favourite craft burger shops cheeseburgers (P&L Burger, Holy Chuck Burger, and Burger's Priest) and focuses on the simplicity of ingredients and execution, no bells and whistles here! 

My boyfriend and I have made Matty's perfect cheeseburger many times now, and they always come out, well, perfect, with rave reviews from both friends and family. Recently we decided to switch up his classic recipe a little bit, and make a double bacon cheeseburger, because why the hell not! Although our massive double bacon cheeseburgers had difficulty standing upright on the plate, they were insanely delicious and one that we will certainly be making again this summer! 

Check out Matty's video on the Munchies channel to find out how you can make the perfect cheeseburger at home! WARNING: Matty's use of the F-bomb makes this video NSFW.

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