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Ginger Rose features simple, accessible, and delicious recipes, event reviews, and lifestyle pieces. Through personal anecdotes, photography, and music, readers are able to step inside my world to gain a better understanding of what goes into each recipe that I create and how it was inspired. By giving my readers a peek inside my own life, I hope that they will see food and cooking as more than just a necessity and allow it to bring joy into their lives just as it has for me! The recipes that I create encourage experimentation and creativity for my readers, allowing them to gain the skills and confidence needed to take a leap and create unique recipes of their own!


I grew up in a family that expressed love through food. No, that doesn't mean we were one of those families that never said "I love you," food was just our way of showing one another how much we cared, without using any words at all. With this value set in place, food meant so much more to me than just something that sustained my body, it was a visceral experience.

It wasn't until my final year of University that my passion for food really took hold of me. Assigned to complete a five-year business plan in my Theatre Business class at York University, in the midst of what I was sure was a quarter-life crisis, I strayed from my previous dream of being a world-famous actress, to choosing to pursue what was then a path less travelled, I wanted to have a show on the Food Network. Combining my love of performing with my love of cooking and food, the goal of having my own cooking show didn't seem too crazy, and I proceeded to put step-one of my business plan into action: Create a food blog!

I created Ginger Rose with my friends in mind. At the time of it's inception in 2009 none of my friends were interested in cooking, claiming that they didn't know how, or just plain couldn't cook, despite the fact that many of them had never really tried. I wanted them to feel the same passion for cooking as I did, and wanted to show them how easy it truly was, and, more than that, how fulfilling it could be. I was sure that if I showed them that I could do it (someone just like them!), and gave them a resource for simple, accessible, and delicious recipes, they would feel empowered to take on the kitchen just as I had. It felt so rewarding to watch as my friends, family, and acquaintances began falling in love with the art of cooking and start taking chances in the kitchen, inspired by my blog.

Now, more than five years later, Ginger Rose has become so much more than just a stepping stone for my own cooking show. In fact, being "the next Food Network Star" isn't even the goal at all anymore. Ginger Rose is my way of publicly expressing my creative side, allowing me to write, cook, photograph, style, edit, play with graphics and design, voice my opinions, and so much more in one safe space. My blog has also afforded me the opportunity to work with many major brands in Canada such as Summer FreshKraft CanadaThe Dairy Farmers Of Canada, and more, which has ignited my passion for recipe development, food styling, and photography. My passionate curiosity for food also led me to enrol in the George Brown Culinary Continuing Education program last year, allowing me to refine my skills in the kitchen, and give me the freedom and confidence to turn my hobby into a career.

Today I continue to express myself on my own blog, as well as the Kraft Canada Food Hacks blog, being named The Ultimate Food Hacker by Kraft Canada in the Fall of 2014, after a Canada-wide search. I am also a food expert and contributor for fredi Magazine. I look forward to seeing where the next five years of Ginger Rose may take me, with hopes of working in a test kitchen environment and continuing to share my obsession with food on a larger scale.

Happy Cooking!


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