Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How do you celebrate?

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend.  Mine was bittersweet (unfortunately not the chocolate kind) but I did have a really great family gathering on Sunday for our Easter linner (lunch/dinner).  This celebration wasn't at my house, and the incredible meal was mostly made by my aunt and uncle (but of course with our family everyone brings in their own special dish to contribute.  We show our love with food!) so I don't have recipes to share.  I do have photos though!  These photos give you a feel for how my family celebrates Easter.  How does your family celebrate? 
On The Menu:
Cheese platter
Lamb (with mint sauce)
Ham (with my grandmothers INCREDIBLE ham sauce)
Salad (with avocado, mango, toasted almonds, and poppyseed dressing)
Green beens with caramelized onions
Creamy beet salad
Scalloped potatoes
Sweet Potato and red pepper mash
Chocolate mouse cake
Vanilla cupcakes
Lemon squares

Great big shout out to my aunt Darlene and uncle Eddie for putting so much time and work into a delicious meal! 

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Lorajean said...

That meal looks lovely! I wish my family did that menu! & those eggs are so delicately decorated! I love it! do you know how those were made?