Monday, April 20, 2009

How Will You Show Your Commitment to the Earth?

Earth Day is tomorrow, and although it may seem like just another silly holiday with no significance, I think together we can change that! This Earth Day why not make a resolution to make at least one change to your lifestyle to help save our Earth! There are so many simple things that you can do to help. My household is extremely Earth friendly. To just name a few of the ways that we contribute to helping the earth, we always turn off the lights, never waste water, we do not have any plastic water bottles, we hang up all of our laundry, never have excessive heating or air conditioning, we recycle, use our compost religiously, and the list goes on! These are all easy things that you can do that will not have any negative effect on your life, but if we all work together, they can have a positive influence on the future of our planet.

There are many corporations that are taking part in Earth Day. Starbucks is one of many. This Earth Day, if you bring in a travel mug to any Starbucks location, you will receive a complimentary freshly brewed Pike Place Roast.

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