Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Passover!

The first night of passover begins tonight at sundown. Do you have your seder plate ready?  Martha (of course) has a great Passover guide on how to do the seder ritual. My passover dinner is tomorrow night so I'll be sure to take pictures to show you how my family will celebrate this year! My dads side is Jewish and my mums side is Christian, so come Sunday I'll have my Easter celebration as well! The best of both worlds! 


b is for brown said...

i was gonna do this EXACT post from MS!

this is how my kiddos will be too. i am catholic and husband is jewish. he does not really practice but i think it is important!

Danielle said...

Oh Martha how I adore her!
Yeah neither of my parents really practice, but I think in terms of culture it has been really important to me to learn about both. I'm so proud to have both Jewish and Christian blood!....and it means a lot of great celebrations and meals! :)

kathleen said...

Loving your blog! So pretty, such great ideas... Thank you!