Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Food Festival

Yesterday I attended the Good Food Festival at the International Centre in Mississauga.  I was really eager to check out new and interesting products and food ideas, but, I gotta say, I was a pretty disappointed when I arrived there.  Everyone in attendance seemed to be more interested in grocery shopping for free stuff than actually interacting with the people working at the booths.  They didn't care to learn anything new, they just wanted to push through to the front of each line to get their free item.  I even saw one person with a whole wagon overflowing with their free goodies! I'm aware that I am generalizing here. I know that there were some people who were there for the right reasons as well, but there certainly didn't seem to be many. 

Despite the mayhem of weaving through a fierce crowd, I was able to check out each booth.  The highlights of the show are shown in the pictures above:  

Picture 1,2,3:  The Tetra Pak booth was by far the best looking.  It was designed beautifully, and captured the attendees attention from the moment they entered the building. 

Picture 4,5:  Unfortunately I can't recall the name of this product, but I found it very interesting. It was a textured plate designed to puree almost anything! Lemon zest, garlic, nuts, onions, the list goes on! You simple rub the food item on the plate, and voila! Perfectly pureed!

Picture 6,7:  I have seen this product on the Food Network before and was fascinated by it!  It is called blooming tea.  You take, what looks like, a simple dried flower bud and drop it into boiling water in a glass teapot.  In a matter of minutes, the dried flower bud begins to bloom, resulting in an absolutely stunning presentation! It tastes delicious too! I bought two buds, so I'll post them on here soon!!  Check out this demonstration to see how beautifully it blooms!

Picture 8:  This product stood out to me because of the name, Redhead Pantry.  Their brand features a line of condiments that all taste devilishly good! 

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Bon Don said...

Oh the blooming tea is wonderful! I have some from one of the conventions that was in town and it's so much FUN!! great pictures!