Sunday, August 2, 2009

Max's Market

Because of the Toronto city workers strike that, thankfully, has finally come to an end, I was able to spend a lot of time with my mum this summer, who works for Toronto Parks and Rec.  See, the strike wasn't only negative, because through our time together over the summer, we were able to have lots of bonding time, try some delicious food...well....more like lots, and we were able to explore through all different areas of Toronto, several of which I have never even been to in all my 21 years living in Toronto!  It seemed that each time we made a plan to have a mother daughter day, we would venture to a whole new area of Toronto! This time we decided to venture to Bloor West Village.  

Bloor West Village is full of lots of little shops and restaurants, and was lovely to walk through on a warm summer day.  My mum had told me all about this amazing market that she knew I would go crazy over, and boy was she right! Max's Market truly is something special!  Max's is less like a market, and more like a specialty gourmet food store.  The store is filled with tons of luxurious food brands (all with gorgeous packaging), and a mass amount of prepared foods that go way beyond what you would normally find in your local supermarkets prepared section.  Max's takes prepared food to the next level, having the courage to try unique ingredients and interesting flavour combinations, all spectacularly presented.  After much deliberation, my mum and I decided to share a Brisket Sandwich and Beet and Apple Salad for lunch, and pick up one of Max's stunning Galettes, we decided on their Crab and Brie Galette, for dinner. 

The Brisket Sandwich was packed with tender and flavourful beef, with a ribbon of mustard, stuffed inside a fresh kaiser bun.  The Beet and Apple Salad was bright and fresh tasting with strings of bright red beets, sweet apples, and zesty onions, tied together with a flavourful vinaigrette and fresh parsley.  The Crab and Brie Galette was my favourite out of our selections.  Firstly, the galette was massive allowing it to fill four very hungry people.  It was filled with decadent crab, brie, potatoes, red peppers, and fresh herbs, all resting in a flaky cheddar cheese crust and topped with lemon slices.  This large and delicious galette, packed with such luxurious ingredients such as crab and brie, was purchased for only $13.99!  What a steal!  My only issues with Max's Market is that I couldn't try everything, and they didn't allow me to take pictures of inside the store to show you all their beautiful creations! 

Max's Market is located at 2299 Bloor Street West.


Deborah Dowd said...

Heaven=Crab and Brie Galette! So great you can share great food (and love of it) with your mum!

Hilary said...

Awww, glad that there was one up side to the strike!

This place sounds great, I will have to check it out next time I'm in town.