Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dreaming of Pizzeria Libretto

Since it's opening last year, Pizzeria Libretto seems to be the name on everyones lips!  The Pizzeria, which proudly states its authenticity as true Neapolitan pizza, has been getting rave reviews from many media outlets as well as from the many foodies in Toronto.  It is even often referred to as "the best pizza in Toronto."  After a year of hype and salivating taste buds, I finally got the chance to check out Pizzeria Libretto for myself.  I must say, I have not been so impressed with a restaurant in a long time.  The food was outstanding and of the highest quality, the staff unbelievable, and the atmosphere thriving, making it well worth the 1 hour wait for a table for 2!  I ordered the locally inspired prix fixe menu, which is an absolute steal at only $25 and included:
  • Mixed Bruschetta (chefs choice of seasonally available ingredients)
The bruschetta being served last night was a Buffalo Mozzarella and Prosciutto Bruschetta, with amazingly creamy and flavourful fresh mozzarella, and paper thin salty prosciutto; a Spicy Eggplant Bruschetta, that was extremely flavourful with the spiciness merely accenting the eggplant and not overwhelming it; and a Tuna Bruschetta, perfectly juicy and creamy against the crispy grilled bread.  The bruschetta was garnished with olives, and sweet caramelized red onions.
  • A choice of 3 different salads
I had the Caprese Salad with the same creamy and flavourful mozzarella used in the bruschetta, bright, juicy, and sweet tomatoes, ribbons of fresh basil, all sitting in a pool of fruity olive oil.
  • A choice of any 1 of Librettos 12 different pizzas 
I ordered the Pingue Prosciutto Pizza with ultra-thin soft crust, sweet tomato sauce, creamy Ontario Fiore Di Latte Mozzarella, thin and salty prosciutto, and fresh basil leaves.  As much as I loved my pizza, I couldn't take my eye off of the pizza the gentleman sitting next me to me was eating, the Wild Mushroom pizza.  The Wild Mushroom pizza is topped with Tallegio, Ontario Fiore Di Latte Mozzarella, and fresh herbs, a combination no food lover could resist!
  • A choice of 2 desserts (Panna Cotta al Limone with Ontario blueberry coulis, and Ontario Strawberry Parfait with Pine Nut Brittle)
I ordered the Panna Cotta al Limone with Ontario blueberry coulis, which was the perfect finish to the meal, leaving me feeling refreshed rather than uncomfortably full.  The lemony dessert was light as a feather, smooth and creamy, and had me cleaning every last bit off my plate with my tiny spoon long after I had finished it!

As I stated, the staff were unbelievable, making my experience at Pizzeria Libretto a memorable one.  Although the restaurant was packed with customers, the service was super fast and the staff extremely friendly, taking the time to get to know each one of the their costumers.  Just the staff alone are enough of a reason to come back, as they created such a positive atmosphere in the bright and buzzing space.  The restaurant is situated in the new Ossington "it" area, making my counter window seat the prime spot for Ossington hipster people watching.  With groups of people constantly flooding into the restaurant, their is never a dull moment.  It is restaurants like this that make me truly inspired and excited about what the Toronto food community has to offer.  Pizzeria Libretto is not only conscious of great quality food and service, but environmental causes as well.  See their Ideology section of their website to see how Pizzeria Libretto is taking action to make their restaurant as "green" as possible.  

As I sit here eating my leftover pizza, I am mentally scheduling when I can visit my new favourite restaurant again!...Hmm, how about tonight?

Image courtesy of DineTO.


Tracy-Girl said...

YUM!! No wonder its on everyone's lips... it sounds delicious!

Fashion Court said...

omg, that sounds amaaazing! wish i lived near there to try it haha xo

Cherie said...

Thanks for reminding me of Libretto. I have been wanting to go there for several months now.Last week we had to go to another Italian restaurant on College, as one of my friends is a Coeliac and she wasn't happy about having pizza. Do you know if they have gluten free pizza?

GarlicBOSS said...

The bruschetta its good