Thursday, August 6, 2009

Buy Local: Peaches

Just a friendly reminder to support your local farmers and buy local! August is my favourite month of the summer because peaches are in season! Make sure you are buying local Ontario produce (or local produce from wherever you may live) in the market, or, better yet, visit a farm and pick the fruit yourself! To locate an Ontario farm to visit, go to the Ontario Farm Fresh website. Also be sure to check out the OMAFRA website to learn more about Ontario produce.


Alessia said...

I just bought a whole bunch of peaches last saturday at my local farmer's market. so delicious!

your blog is so charming!

Danielle said...

Local fruits and vegetables really do taste better! Thanks so much! I'm going to head over to your blog right now!

figtree said...

I love farmers markets..Im lovin the white peaches and whites good!!Figtreeapps

Spoon It On said...

I love your cheater's handbook columns as I feel like I'm cheating when I'm cooking most of the time.

I've bought about 5 baskets of Ontario peaches in the last couple of weeks and they are SOOO sweet right now. We've been enjoying them as is and also in a simple peach custard pie (come visit my blog for this VERY simple recipe! A few of my friends had requested that I put the recipe on my blog. Guarantee you'll love it!