Saturday, August 29, 2009

Get Your Tickets Now to Get Knotty!

As many of my followers will know, I am a big supporter of the iYellow Wine Club.  Their expansive wine knowledge, educational and fun tours, and hip and exciting events make their club stand out as Toronto's Hottest Social Wine Club! I am encouraging you to go out and experience the iYellow Wine Club for yourself!  On August 10th, the iYellow Wine Club and Lifford Wine Agency will be hosting Get Knotty, an event showcasing a number of Australian wines from Red Knot Winery.  The event will allow you to taste 4 fabulous Red Knot wines, as well as meet Red Knots winemaker John Davey, and mingle about the trendy Thrush Holmes Empire gallery space with other fun wine lovers!  At only $25 a ticket, I'd say it's quite a steal! Go buy your ticket now before it sells out!

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