Thursday, September 17, 2009

iYellow Wine School

It's no secret that I am a big supporter of the iYellow Wine Club, so when I heard that they were starting their very own iYellow Wine School, I couldn't wait to sit in on a class.  This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to represent iYellow as one of the hosts for their iYellow Wine School Cabernet: King of Reds class.  I have to admit, I was at first quite puzzled at why I had been asked to volunteer for the day.  Why would they want someone like me, with so little knowledge of wine?  Despite my confusion, I happily agreed, figuring that, nonetheless, it would be a great learning experience for me.  

By the end of the class, it became apparent why having me volunteer for the day was a good fit.  Just like everyone in the class, I still have a lot to learn.  Although there was much diversity amongst the class in terms of wine knowledge and experience,  I was able to provide the class with the perspective of someone who is just like many of them.  It was not only evident that the students in the class were expanding their wine knowledge and gaining confidence, but myself as well!  I started off the day not even holding a wine glass properly (be sure to hold the stem, not the bulb!), and left with a handful of notes, and a mind buzzing with excitement at having learned so much about wine, and in particular Cabernet! 

Taking on the perspective of someone who is an expert in the field of wine, was the iYellow Wine School teacher and award-winning sommelier Taylor Thompson.  Taylor is currently the sommelier for Toronto's premier wine destination, Reds Wine Bar, as well as overseeing the wine lists at Signature Restaurants Far Niente and Four.  Taylor paired his expansive wine knowledge with a healthy dose of charm and humor to win over the class and keep them coming back for more!  It is as clear as a crystal wine glass that Taylor is extremely passionate about wine, and is eager to share everything he has learned to get people just as enthusiastic as he is.  

During the class, students are presented with five different wines under the grape varietal theme of the day.  The five different wines allow the students to understand all there is to know about that particular varietal, covering everything from the growing conditions, temperature, flavours, and aging process.  The class is structured using iYellow's 5 Easy Steps to Tasting Wine:
  1. Sight
  2. Swirl
  3. Smell
  4. Sip
  5. Savour
Through the iYellow steps and the comparisons between the five wines, students are able to become mini-experts on the varietal of the day, giving them the confidence to take their wine experience even further.  

Not only was the class beneficial in terms of acquiring wine knowledge, it was also a fabulous social environment!  What better way to meet new friends than attending a light and fun class amongst like-minded and interesting people!  

Although I walked into the class self-conscious about my lack of wine expertise, I left feeling like a bit of an expert myself, eager to  sign up for more classes!  The iYellow Wine School is the place to be for any wine lover who is looking to build their wine confidence!  Enroll with the iYellow Wine School today!

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Photo by Wendy Marchioni.


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I've always wanted to take a wine class. I don't think I appreciate wine as much as I should.

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