Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School (for the very last time!!)

It's my final year in University, and although I'm only a part-time student this year, it means less time for cooking, baking, and blogging.  But do not fret, back to school doesn't mean all negativity.  My favourite website Rouxbe Cooking School has an incredible Back to School offer on for only another 48 hours!!  If you purchase an annual membership with Rouxbe within the next 48 hours, you will automatically be upgraded to a Lifetime Membership! I know you may be thinking "do I really need a lifetime membership to this website?" Let me tell you, Rouxbe is totally unique to anything else that is out there.  Their instructions, tutorials, quizzes, and recipes are incomparable to any other food website.  So what are you waiting for?!  Head over to Rouxbe and get cooking! 

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