Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Roundup - July 27, 2012

The best French onion soup - Aaaah the comfort in devouring a steaming hot bowl of cheesy, rich French Onion Soup! Even with this blistering heat in Toronto, I couldn't help but crave my favourite French onion soup from Coquine last weekend when heading out to dinner with my mom. "Soup? In this heat?" my mom kept asking. No, not just any soup, the BEST French onion soup! I had to have it! After walking into Coquine and watching a piping hot bowl of French Onion soup get delivered to another table, my mom decided she couldn't go without one either. We enjoyed a really nice evening, just mother and daughter, talking about our future and our hopes and dreams, while sipping on the best French onion soup in Toronto!

Tabbouleh Quinoa Salad - After two weeks of being forbidden to cook anything/make a mess in the kitchen with showings all day every day, I was dying to make a mess in the kitchen! I always say to my mom, the bigger the mess, the better the dish! So off I went to make one delicious mess! Like usual, I found inspiration in my fridge with a cucumber needing to be used up as well as lots of fresh tomatoes and parsley. Chopped bell peppers were my new addition to this salad adding lots of flavour and a bit of crunch. Recipe coming this week!

Chicken Marsala - I mentioned last week that the sage in my herb garden has been growing wild, each day taking over more and more of the large pot it's planted in. Well, in only a week the sage has TRIPLED! What the heck do I do with all this sage? It was easy to find a yummy use for all that sage on Wednesday night with a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts in the fridge, and a bottle of marsala just calling my name in the liquor cabinet. Chicken Marsala is one of my favourite comfort foods! I remembered that last time there was a ton of that delicious sweet sauce left over from the chicken, begging to have something sop it all up. Fresh fettucini did just the trick to act as a bed for the chicken, the sauce steeping down into the silky ribbons of fettucini. Get my recipe for Chicken Marsala here!

Roast Beef Sliders - I whipped these up for lunch by the pool the other day and thought they were just so darn cute, I couldn't resist taking a pic! Deli fresh roast beef is topped with artisan horseradish mustard and dill pickles on rye bread to create this cute little sandwich. See, burgers aren't the only sandwich that likes to slide! Why not make pulled pork sliders, turkey club sliders, steak sandwich sliders! The list could go on and on!

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