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Weekly Roundup - July 12, 2012

Victoria's Wedding Shower - This past weekend I got to spend the day surrounded by lovely ladies, sipping punch, eating hors d'oeuvres, sushi, pad thai, and Italian food (a delicious mish-mash) served to us by attractive men, all to celebrate Victoria's Wedding shower! The big sister to one of my best friends Alex, I have known Victoria since grade four. Having never had a big sister myself, I have always looked up to Victoria as being that cool and smart older sister I wanted to grow up to be like. Now, truly all grown up, I still admire Victoria for always following her dreams, for standing up for what she believes in, for sharing her warmth with not just myself but my whole family, and for finding someone that matches her so perfectly. Alex and the other bridesmaids did an incredible job with the shower! Everything looked spectacular and the food and drinks were awesome! 

Gnocchi in a Brown Butter Sage Sauce - With sage growing like weeds in my herb garden this year, I had to do a little pruning to beautify my herb garden that I love so much (some may say obsessed!).  With all those extra branches filled with sage that I had to cut off and a package of store-bought gnocchi in the fridge, dinner was a no-brainer. A quick little weeknight dinner, it's super easy to throw together a delicious brown butter and sage sauce to top store-bought or homemade gnocchi! Recipe coming soon!

Lucas' 12th Birthday - I am super close with my two youngest cousins Lucas and Evan, so I was really glad to be able to make the time to ring in Lucas' last real birthday celebration as a kid! I still remember so clearly going to visit my Aunt Darlene in the hospital to meet Lucas for the first time.  Now at 12 years old, Lucas is almost as tall as me, and far more wiser. The older he grows the more kind, talented, smart, and interesting he gets. I can't wait to see the incredible things that Lucas does with his future!

Escape - With all the chaos going on at home right now, I've had to escape off on my own a lot. I forgot how much I love walking and hiking, alone with my thoughts, taking in the nature around me. Sometimes an escape is all you need to reawaken the soul.

For Sale - The signs up. It's real. My beautiful home is up for sale. 

Sorn Thai - Not being able to make a mess in the house with unexpected showings all the time means having to eat out a lot! The other night my mom and I decided to try someplace other than our usual Satay on the Road, we headed to Sorn Thai on North Yonge remembering that they have a tiny patio outside. Although we really liked the start of our meal, their tasty spring rolls, I hate to say that the rest was pretty disappointing. Neither my mom nor I could get over how extremely salty both the Pad Thai and Spicy Tofu were. 

Channel Orange - The incredibly talented Frank Ocean has come out with his debut album Channel Orange, a beautiful collection of 18 tracks that send your emotions on a roller coaster, all the while keeping your head bobbing, fingers and toes tapping, lips synching. Definitely check it out! My favourite song at the moment? It's what I'm listening to now, Pink Matter ft. Andre 3000. But my favourite song on the album has got to be Ocean's epic 10 minute song Pyramids.

Beautiful Ruins - My smart as a whip, future publisher cousin Kimberlee recommended this book to me. Only a few chapters in and I'm hooked! 

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