Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market

"The Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market is more than a local food market. It is a celebration of the diverse communities working together to build a sustainable food system from the ground up.

The Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market will:
  • Engage local food producers and consumers.
  • Share ideas to generate understanding of the environmental impacts of food choices.
  • Inspire others and empower them to make positive changes
  • Promote organic and GMO-free foods, as well as markets where rural food producers and urban consumers both benefit from fair trade and a vibrant local economy.
  • Celebrate our diverse food traditions!"

Saturday's from May 5, 2012 - November 3, 2012
8 AM - 1 PM

With 65-85 unique vendors selling everything from baked goods, fresh produce, cheese, meats, preserves, spreads, beverages, crepes, burritos, and more, the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market is a great way to introduce yourself and your friends and family to new and unique  products that help to support and promote local Ontario farmers, chefs, and artisans.  Touring the market is a great way to become informed on what produce is in season, and better yet, gives you an opportunity to interact with the farmers and artisans themselves to get first-hand knowledge on how your food got to the table. A featured live band helps to set the mood while you weave your way through the many vendors. I like to  start my tour around the market with breakfast! The last time I went to the Brick Works Market, my mom and I decided to wake ourselves up with the Ultimate Breakfast Burrito and a glass of lemonade, both delicious! With food in hand to snack on, you're all set to tour the other vendors, because trust me, touring the market on an empty stomach can be a dangerous game for your wallet! Make sure to ask lots of questions and strike up a conversation at the vendors, you never know what information, or even recipes, the farmers and artisans may be able to give you! So this weekend start your week off right and stock your kitchen with all the yummy seasonal finds you got your hands on at the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market!

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