Sunday, April 17, 2011

Passover Dishes

Tomorrow marks the first night of Passover, which means goodbye to leavened breads and hello to matzo meal. It can be stressful planning a meal with restrictions such as no leavened breads, no mixing milk and meat, and no pork, so I have provided some of my family's Passover friendly recipes to help you and your family celebrate in the most delicious way possible!

A must have at every Passover meal.
The Seder Plate is essential in carrying out a complete Passover service (and essential if you want to eat any dinner!)
This delicious side dish is a traditional Passover dish in my family.
These sweet and sticky carrots enveloped in a honey sauce are sure to get every kid at the table eating all of their vegetables.
What's a Passover dinner without potato latkes?
This is the most basic recipe for potato latkes you will find, allowing you to experiment with different types of flavours of applesauce. These taste great with my Blueberry-Applesauce.
With the addition of matzo meal and baking powder (acceptable in most kosher homes) these golden potato latkes hold together beautifully with their crispy exterior and warm and soft interior.
Potato latkes are the best part of any Passover Seder, but what really makes these golden little pancakes so special is their topping. Sweet with a hint of orange and cinnamon, this homemade applesauce is incredibly easy to whip up!
For a richer-flavoured applesauce try roasting the apples. The slow roasting process intensifies all of the flavours creating an extra special potato latke topper.
Try something new this Passover and toss some fresh blueberries into your regular applesauce mix. Their tangy flavour adds a real punch to my Basic Potato Latkes.
With so many other things on your mind during Passover, it's nice to have a simple salad recipe to turn to. This is a very basic, yet delicious green salad to serve as a side at your Seder.
A great option for passover, these crunchy and flavourful beens can easily be made kosher for passover when substituting olive oil instead of butter.
Soups are a fantastic option for Passover as you can easily make them in advance, and simply reheat when ready to serve to your guests. Substitute olive oil instead of butter to make this kosher for Passover.
This is a delicious salad that is incredibly simple and can easily be made a day in advance. How great that one of my favourite salad recipes is already kosher for Passover!
It's easy to add your own personality to a boxed Matzo Ball Soup mix. Check out my easy tips here!
A delicious and hearty entree that will be sure to wow all of your Seder guests.
My all-time favourite Passover dish.
These sweet and crispy treats are the perfect light finale to any Passover Seder. I promise you your family will be asking for these over and over again.

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