Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'll have another scoop!!

Sundays can be awfully gloomy.  I find I can never truly enjoy the day knowing that my weekend is about to come to an end.  Sundays are gloomy enough, but when the forecast reads 'cloudy with light showers,' the gloom level goes up a few notches.  Luckily this sunday the Weather Networks forecast, as well as my own personal forecast in terms of enjoyment for the day were wrong! My sister and I ventured out, with umbrellas stuffed into our purses, to go on an adventure through downtown Toronto.  I would take her to an area that I enjoy that she has never been to, and she would take me to an area that she likes that I have never been to.  This led me to take my sister to Leslieville in Queen Street East.  

I don't come to Leslieville very often, but when I do I always enjoy strolling around and checking out all of the little shops, cafes, and thrift stores.  This past Sunday happened to be the perfect day for walking around downtown.  It had not even drizzled rain all day, and the temperature was perfect.  It was warm with a light breeze, allowing us to walk around comfortably in a light jacket.  As the sun started to peek through the clouds, and we continued weaving our way through the shops, we began to notice that almost every single person was holding an ice cream cone.  This was clearly a trend that we needed to be apart of! 

A block later, our nose led us to the source of this popular ice cream that everyone seemed to be indulging in.  With the smell of fresh waffle cones wafting through the entire block, it would be hard to not notice Ed's Real Scoop.  Luckily there was no lineup inside so we were promptly greeted by a friendly member of their staff, who cheerfully offered us as many little sample spoons as we liked of their many unique and delicious flavours.  After much contemplation, I ended up choosing a regular scoop (they kindly allow you to have 2 flavours in one gigantic scoop, with no extra charge) of Red Hot Chili Chocolate gelato (what proper Red Hot Chili Pepper fan could turn down such a treat?) and Macaroon ice cream, and my sister chose a regular scoop of Bacio gelato and Macaroon ice cream, and, of course, we both got their hot out of the waffle iron waffle cone.  The name is not falsely advertising anything, this is the real stuff here at Ed's Real Scoop.  There ice cream and gelato is 100% natural, which means 100% full of big flavour! 

The Red Hot Chili Chocolate gelato has a smooth dark chocolate flavour that wakes up your senses as it slides down your throat and begins to heat up with the spiciness of the chili peppers.  The Macaroon ice cream is packed with shards of coconut and chunks of semi sweet chocolate with the perfect amount of sweetness, balancing out the spice of the chili peppers amazingly.  The Bacio gelato has the exact same bold flavour of Bacio chocolate, but smoother in its gelato form.  It is clear to see their dedication to delivering perfection to their customers in every little detail, from the mini marshmallow sitting at the bottom of each waffle cone so that the ice cream will not drip, to the flavour creator box that welcomes customers to submit flavour ideas for future ice cream and gelato flavours.  My delight in Ed's Real Scoop already has me planning my next Queen Street East adventure so that I can get my hands on another scoop! 
Ed's Real Scoop is located at 920 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON. 

Photo courtesy of blogTO. (I took my own on a disposable that needs to get developed...hmph!)


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

no one can resist the smell of fresh waffle cones - yummm!!! i need that coming from my business!

Kristin said...

Makes me want to plan a trip to Canada!

Danielle said...

Heck I need that smell coming from my house!!
If you ever do come to Toronto, I could give you some great non-touristy places to check out!

Común said...


Te enteraste que hay un concurso para bloggeros, vos que este cada día escribiendo en tu blog, seria bueno que mas personas lo te interesa ve a

Un besote y abrazo de oso.

Hilary said...

Now I want to know what neighbourhood your sister took you to?

Danielle said...

After the ice cream we went to Chinatown where I bought a giant bag of vermicelli noodles, a bag of tapioca pearls, and a beautiful casserole dish all for a total of $4!!!!! I also bought 6 bbq pork buns for $2 to bring home for my family.

After that my sister took me to Ossington where we went to this little hole in the wall bar that had an insane amount of character! We drank the night away listening to the bar tenders play music in the corner. One of the musicians was playing a cheese grater with sandpaper, a saw with a violin bow, and a slinky!!

We finished the night subwaying home with an order of takeout fries from a local diner. It was a great day!!!!!

Hilary said...

Ah yes, the Ossington strip. I've heard it's one of the new hot spots in TO, but I've never been there.