Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Black Camel Brisket Sandwich

Woah baby! Think I was a little late jumping on this bandwagon, but for any of you out there who haven't yet experienced the wonder that is Black Camel's Brisket Sandwich, get your butt there RIGHT now! No joke! You will not regret it!

Served on a large, fresh bun, Black Camel's Brisket Sandwich is chockfull of tender, saucy and flavourful pulled beef brisket. This sandwich was so good that, I kid you not, I saved my final bite as a midnight snack because I wanted that to be the last flavour I had before bed (so I could continue to dream about it). My parents loved the sandwich so much, that they proceeded to attempt to replicate it 2 days later...which led to me eating 4 brisket sandwiches in less than 2 weeks! Oh yeah! Now what are you waiting for? GO!

Listening To:
Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Remix ft. Nicki Minaj)

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Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh yummy...It really sound amazing:) Thanks,sweetie

ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY tomorrow, so please join in:)

Kris said...

That's my favorite drink you've got there in the background!

Jamie, M.I.T. said...

LOVE the song! And reaaalllly want to try this brisket sammy