Monday, July 13, 2009

Soma Chocolatemaker

Last week my mum and I spent the day exploring the Historic Distillery District in downtown Toronto.  We have been to the distillery many times for events, such as sip & Savour Ontario, but we have never taken the time to really check out all of the beautiful shops, cafes, galleries, and artisan studios.  The two of us had such a great day together, and although our company with one another was lovely, the highlight for the both of us was most certainly Soma Chocolatemaker.  

I had been to Soma Chocolatemaker once before and fell in love! My first Soma Chocolatemaker experience was this past fall on a crisp day.  I needed a little something to warm me up and Soma Chocolatemaker had just the thing for me!  I tried their Mayan Hot Chocolate, one of their many delicious elixirs, and I have never appreciated chocolate so much in my life! I am not exaggerating.  Their Mayan Hot Chocolate had the perfect blend of their high quality chocolate, ginger, Madagascar vanilla, orange peel, chili, and some of their other special Soma spices.  I felt like I just been transported to Juliette Binoche's chocolate shop in the movie Chocolat and was drinking her famous hot chocolate spiced with chili powder.  What a wonder to the senses! 

This time around, my mum and I needed something to cool us down from the July heat.  Earlier in the day, we had spoken to John Drajewicz from Proof Studio Gallery (which you MUST check out on your visit to the Distillery, because their photos are breathtaking and inspirational!) who had told us about the unique flavours of sorbet being made at Soma.  They sounded so interesting, there was no way we could pass those up!  Along with some traditional flavours such as dark chocolate, mango, and raspberry, Soma was also serving up Ontario plum, Ontario blueberry basil, and Ontario strawberry mint sorbet.  I had a cup of the blueberry basil and my mum had a cup of strawberry mint.  We were completely won over by the sorbets explosion of flavour!  The fresh herbs added a whole new dimension to the frozen treat, highlighting the flavour of the fresh Ontario Berries. I would definitely recommend this to any foodie looking to be inspired! I walked out of soma with my head filled with new concepts for recipes all inspired by Soma's delicious sorbet.

We would be crazy to go into Soma and not purchase any chocolate, so we also picked up a little something to treat ourselves to for later.  Soma's Almond Clusters with dark Peruvian chocolate, handmade toffee, and almonds were the perfect way to end our day.  They were perfectly crisp, with a light glaze of dark chcolate, and a sprinkling of crispy toffee.  I'm officially addicted to the light and flavourful treat!

Soma Chocolatemaker is located in the Historic Distillery District at 55 Mill Street.


Karine said...

I heard about it from one of my colleagues... she told me it is an amazing place to go! I should write on my to-do list to go there soon :)

Yet said...

WOW! that looks amazing! Maybe I need to go to far is that From Quebec? hehe. What lovely things!

Carol said...

That place looks like heaven!!!

DaisyChain said...

I am totally drooling over my laptop!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! And I'm with you--summer calls for many light meals and this is definitely a great one!

apparentlyjessy said...

Oh what a heavenly place! I am dreaming of sorbet now!