Friday, July 3, 2009

More Photos From sip & Savour Ontario 2009

Me (Danielle Rose) working with Kevin Brauch and Sandy Kurbis of Forefront Communications

Kevin Brauch

Me (Danielle Rose), I felt really powerful holding that mic let me tell you!

Me (Danielle Rose), keeping hydrated
Me (Danielle Rose) talking to another member of the production team
After hours of walking around on that hard floor in heels, I think it's necessary to document the pretty heels to make the pain all worth it (mine are on the right)

Photography by Ruzan Orkestar.


Kristin said...

That looks like an incredible event!

Miss Madras said...

It looks like you had a great time and the suffering in heels was worth it.

Yet said...

Yep. The shoes were def worth it. They are HOT! Everything looks wonderful!! Yep, you've got "it"!!

Miss Jeanett said...

Wow, you have amazing hair!


Danielle said...

Thanks for all of the super sweet comments!