Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Pics from the Wine Awards

Host Kevin Brauch
Kevin doing the triple-blindfolded champagne bottle opening with a knife
Pouring champagne for the happy couple who got engaged AT the event!
Kevin singing happy birthday to Tony Aspler 

Me (Danielle Rose), Sandy Kurbis from Forefront Communications, Kevin, and Patricia Crease from Forefront Communications

Photos courtesy of photographer Stephen Elphick


Owen said...

Hi Danielle, just wanted to say "Thanks for dropping by", and for signing in to follow... you are the 100th follower on my humble blog undertaking... if I could give you a wine award, I would... Stumbled on your blog somehow while blog surfing yesterday, and thought, hmm, a little good wine and cusine in the blog mix could be fun, as I'm mostly looking at photography, and a smattering of many other odd, eclectic, or just plain happily demented subjects out there... anyway, Thanks again, hope to see you soon... Comments are the icing on blog cake !

Hilary said...

I was thinking that the host looked incredibly familiar and I've just realized - that guy used to be on TVO Kids in the 90s! Don't ask me why I was watching TVOntario children's programming when I was a teenager... Looks like he's gone on to bigger and better things :)

And all that food and wine looks fabulous!

Danielle said...

YEAH HE WAS! haha I used to watch that show allllll theeee tiiiiiime...although I didnt tell him that when I met him! The girl that was on the TVO show with him also had a Food Network show a few years ago.

julia christine said...

It is fabulous that you met Kevin. I was such a fan as a kid. He has definitely changed his image a tad, but nevertheless, he is still super cool. Check out my blog sometime:) Its still in infant stages, but I'm having a lot of fun doing it!

alexkeller said...

OMG I can't believe you met him! And have photographic evidence! And you look great! i think my fav episode of the thirdty traveler was a behind the scenes, where he was, well, ill, and still had to drink and act happy about it! lol