Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Adelaide Eats 2017

The Adelaide Eats food market is BACK for it's third year in a row, and I'm here to give you the inside scoop on what you should be checking out! Located right in the downtown core, on the second floor Terrace of Adelaide Place, Adelaide Eats is the perfect destination for those working in the financial district to grab a quick bite on the go. With over fifteen restaurant options to choose from, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the delicious choices. Having visited the market last year, I knew to try and come up with a game-plan this time around, so that I could be sure to taste as much as possible, without getting too full! 
After trying (almost!) all of the tastes that Adelaide Eats had to offer, I of course had a few favourites. Momofuku was a welcome addition to the market this year, serving up their famous pork belly and chicken steamed buns. Though I've had Momofuku's steamed buns before, they were just as wonderful as always, and stood out as one of my favourite tastes of the night. 
Though I'm generally pretty skeptical when it comes to brisket sandwiches, I was curious to try Toben Food By Design's Brisket Sandwich. I'm so glad I did, because it turned out to be one of the best brisket sandwiches I've ever had! It was particularly lovely when paired alongside their refreshing Compressed Watermelon Salad with corn, black beans, and feta. This duo is definitely a must-try! 
After enjoying two fairly heavy options, I was ready for something lighter before going back for more gluttony. Though I had never heard of Cassia before (they do Thai pop-ups throughout Toronto), I really enjoyed their Thai Papaya Salad. Not only was it delicious, each dish was prepared to-order, with our chef taking out a pestle and mortar to grind the herbs and spices right before serving! I highly recommend checking them out, as it may be tricky to find them anywhere else! 
I was a little shocked at how much I enjoyed Wahlburgers burger. I'm pretty picky with my burgers, and have been talking a lot of smack about Marky Mark daring to bring his burgers to Toronto to rival our dear Burger's Priest, Stockyards, Holy Chuck, The Drake, and more. I gotta give Marky Mark some credit, he does make a good burger (though no, it ain't no Priest!), and what's more, he completely won me over with his crunchy on the outside, and soft and tender interior tater tots! Man, were those ever addictive! 
Of course, no market would be complete without some refreshing beverages! While I chose to sip on a little sangria (they were serving both red and white sangria), my sister Justine chose to enjoy a few brews from The Mervchant Tavern, trying both the Goose Island IPA and Mill St. Organic. Fear not, wine drinkers, The Merchant Tavern has you covered as well, serving Peller Estates Chardonnay and Cabernet-Merlot. 
I'm really glad to have had the chance to try out all of the delicious offerings at the market and am looking forward to coming back throughout the summer! Be sure to check out the market from now until July 28th located at 150 York St. 

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