Monday, September 1, 2014 Collecting Perfect Pasta Dishes

While brushing my teeth in the bathroom a couple weeks ago my mom came up to me and rested herself on the doorframe, looking distraught. Worried, I asked her what was wrong. She shook her head, took a big sigh, looked off into the distance and proclaimed "I'm addicted to Pinterest." Well mama bear, you ain't the only one addicted to the image collecting site! I myself can safely say that I have also become addicted to Pinterest, so much so that I have now created a total of 36 boards, and that doesn't include the nine secret boards that I am also collecting. Yes, I am officially a Pinterest hoarder. 

Now, as much as Pinterest has helped me to organize inspiring images and ideas in a easy-to-navigate and clean way, with so many boards on my profile it's become really tricky to organize everything within each collection, particularly when it comes to my recipe collections. Because my Pinterest profile is about more than just recipe collecting (I collect everything from outfits, gift-wrapping, and DIY ideas to images of gorgeous typography and photography) I don't want to clutter up my profile with a ton of different recipe boards. So I simply have a few boards for recipes with very generic titles like "Recipes To Make" and "Sweet," which isn't entirely helpful to my at times OCD ways. 

Enter is the answer to all of my recipe hoarding dreams. Foodie is another collecting site, but this time specifically for, you guessed it, all things food! Foodie has allowed me to begin breaking down those very broad categories like "Recipes To Make" and "Sweet" into more specific categories like "Perfect Pasta Dishes" and "Gluten Free Desserts," or even "Mom's Birthday Dinner." Although I have just started collecting on my Foodie account, I have already drooled all over myself (well, maybe just a bit of drool) collecting recipes to feature in what will likely become my favourite board, "Perfect Pasta Dishes." This collection of pasta recipes is full of mouth-watering comfort dishes featuring my favourite carb (pasta!) from an array of different recipe sites that I enjoy frequenting, some of which I have made in the past (such as Giada De Laurentiis' Short Ribs with Tagliatelle) and some I am itching to try my hand at. Check out my Perfect Pasta Dishes board for yourself to get inspired and ease your way into the Fall season, and make sure to follow my profile to see all the different recipe boards that I will be creating.

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Velva said...

I love pinterest but, I think my addiction is to Instagram :-)