Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Roundup - I Like Your Beast Style

The Stockyards: Beast Style Burger - My hunt for burger perfection took me to a BBQ favourite this week, The Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder, home of some of Toronto's favourite smokey and savory BBQ goodness. Never one to disappoint, I knew that The Stockyards griddle-smashed burgers would be sure to win my burger-loving heart. Wanting to try something a little more special than the classic burger or cheeseburger, I opted for a single Beast Style Burger, a mustard seared patty served with secret sauce, caramelized onions, and Stockyards American style smoked cheese. Woah mama! It was love at first bite...and perhaps not sight, considering my lamo photo of a very generic-looking burger. Please don't judge this burger from my pathetic I-was-too-hungry-to-take-a-great-photo photography, because this burger was one of those weak at the knees burgers, the type of burger that any meat lover would dream of. Cooked to perfection, the patty was moist and flavourful, with the toppings heightening the flavours of the patty as opposed to overwhelming them. Near burger perfection I tell ya! I really enjoyed Holy Chuck Burgers take on the griddle-smashed mustard seared burger when I first tried their Big Bad Wolf Burger, but when trying a second time, I found it a little too salty and did take over the natural flavours of the patty. This is not to say that Holy Chuck is not my favourite burger anymore, just that the Stockyards and Holy Chuck are holding hands at first place now. Next time I have my eye on The Stockyards Butter Burger with bone marrow blue cheese red wine butter, onion frites, and butter lettuce.

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