Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Origin North Grand Opening

You know you are in for a treat when you spot a giant cauldron-looking bowl, with dry ice billowing out in clouds, in front of the entrance to the event you are about to walk into. This was the opening scene to my evening out at the grand opening of Origin North. Origin North, which is located in the Bayview Village boutique shopping centre, rounds out the trio of Origin restaurants, bringing their high energy atmosphere and diverse global cuisine to the upscale consumers at Bayview Village. The menu, created by Chef Claudio Aprile, reflects the same quirky feel as their other two locations, but has a slightly different menu filled with various tapas options. The grand opening allowed attendees to step inside the new space and experience a taste of their menu with a selection of hors d'oeuvres. 
Beef tartare + ginger + scallion + crispy nori + ponzu
Oyster + radish + yuzu vinaigrette
Fior de latté + caramelized eggplant + peppers
Masa chips + avocado + salsa + pumpkin seeds
Maple cotton candy
Chocolate sparkle cookie
Lemon sour cream ice cream
All of the hors d'oeuvres were absolutely delicious, with the Fior de latté with caramelized eggplant and peppers as my definite favourite. The sweet and smokey eggplant was a sticky and delicious mess of flavour, with the big chunk of fior de latté adding a subtle creaminess, and basil pesto completing the dish with a burst of freshness. I also really enjoyed the cocktails being served, especially the particularly boozy red sangria. My only criticism of the event? Not near enough food! For an event promoting a new restaurant, you would think they would want to highlight the food. Everyone I spoke to that night seemed to feel the same way. Even those much more important than lil ol' me were struggling to get ahold of the hors d'oeuvres. I guess this just means I'm going to have to make my way back to Origin North to indulge in even more!...ahhh so THAT was their plan! Mission accomplished.

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