Monday, June 17, 2013

Introducing: Le Petit Popelin

For years now I have been working with the Forefront Communications Network Inc. to put on their show stopping food and wine event, sip & Savour Ontario. Through helping out with one of Ontario's hottest food and wine events, I have been very lucky to have experienced cuisines inspired from all different parts of the world, brought to the table by some of Ontario's top chefs. One of the most exciting years for sip & Savour Ontario was when they introduced food trucks into the event, allowing guests to truly experience the full spectrum of what our province has to offer. This year, motivated by the overwhelmingly positive response to the introduction of food trucks to the event, Forefront Communications has partnered with La Bamboche (known for producing some of the best French pastries and macarons in Toronto) to introduce their own stationary food truck-inspired pop up, bringing the sweet confection, that is currently taking over the pastry scene in France, to the foodies of Toronto. 
This Wednesday, in the Historic Distillery Districts Fermenting Cellar at sip & Savour Ontario, Forefront Communications and La Bamboche bring to you a taste of France as they welcome a new class of French pastries into the food truck scene. I introduce to you, Le Petit Popelin. Although we are just hearing about the tiny, colourful confections now, the sweet, cream-filled pastry began its evolution in the 16th Century by four successive, influential chefs, Chef Panterelli, Popellin, Avice, and Careme, when it began as a simple choux pastry. Nearly 500 years later the classic French choux was re-discovered with a sensational new accent - the "craquelin" or crisp finish, filled and topped with a vibrant colour palette matching the various striking flavours. Texturally diverse thanks to the crisp "craquelin" topping, complimented by the creamy, light filling, not to mention the striking, whimsical appearance, makes this choux a la creme, or what we like to call Le Petit Popelin, a delight for all of the senses! 
To mimic the striking appearance of the pastry, the masterminds at Forefront Communications have developed a chloroplast, stationary food truck, inspired by the colour palettes, iconography, and window shop dressing in the French design. The life-size faux-truck is a clever, practical, and let's face it, adorable way to bring Le Petit Popelin to events, markets, and the streets, allowing sweet-toothed Torontonians to experience a taste of France right here at home. 
Be one of the first to experience this French sensation and taste Le Petit Popelin for yourself at this years sip & Savour Ontario! Get your tickets now

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