Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Roundup - I Sea-Food & Mint Juleps

Dairy Farmers of Canada Clam Chowder - It's plain to see from reading my blog over the past few months that I have been on quite the seafood kick, with images of salmon, oysters, monkfish, and more continuously popping up on my feed. With seafood constantly on the brain, you can imagine my delight at being chosen as one of the competitors for the Creamy Seafood category in the Dairy Farmers of Canada Anyday Magic Cream Challenge. After attending the Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown in November, getting the opportunity to taste over 10 different Ocean Wise seafood chowders prepared by some of the best chefs in Toronto, I was inspired to create a chowder of my own. Being new to making chowders, I decided to use the classic New England clam chowder as my inspiration, but draw on some of the big flavours that I tasted at the Chowder Chowdown to amp up the comforting classic. I was so incredibly proud of the final result of my clam chowder. Full of hearty vegetables and big flavours, I couldn't get enough of my chowder and have been raving about it to all my friends and family ever since. Be sure to check out the Dairy Farmers of Canada Anyday Magic site on May 1st to see my recipe and make it yourself! And don't forget to vote for your favourite Creamy Seafood recipe (it's me...I'm the favourite! And don't you forget it!).

Mint Juleps - My boyfriend Chris impresses me in so many ways, I could write a blog solely on his many skills, talents, and pieces of knowledge that he feeds me with. One of Chris' skills that seems to benefit all of his friends and family is his ability to whip up a wicked cocktail. Knowing about his love for the classic Southern cocktail, the Mint Julep, I got him two beautiful Mint Julep glasses as part of his Christmas gift this year. A little out of season, Chris wasn't able to make Mint Juleps until Toronto finally began to thaw out last week, and lucky me, I got to be one of the first to try Chris' delicious Mint Julep in the classic silver cup. Beautiful, boozy, and delicious thanks to all that fresh mint, I can now say that Chris makes one mean Mint Julep. I will be your cocktail taste tester anytime baby!

Kingyo Toronto - It's always a bit of a challenge selecting a restaurant for my sister Justine's birthday each year, with her and her boyfriend being passionate restaurant-goers, and Justine wanting a special experience for her special day. After hearing all the hype about Kingyo Toronto, the newest restaurant to jump on the Izakaya train in Toronto, Justine was excited to try out the Vancouver chain restaurant on her big day! After sharing a number of dishes between our party, we can say that we were all very impressed with Kingyo (with exception to their lack-luster Legendary Chicken Wings by "Kinchan"), with their Ramen and Pork Belly standing out as our mouth-watering favourites. Although we drew a lot of comparisons to Guu Sakabar, another Izakaya that we frequent, it was the atmosphere and that killer ramen that made Kingyo stand out as our favourite...oh, and maybe the fact that you are sitting in a comfortable chair as opposed to a back-aching stool, and you can actually hear the person next to you speak. 

Salmon with Sriracha Lime Sauce - Craving a healthy and satisfying dinner, as well as wanting to take advantage of a visit to St. Lawrence Market, I was eager to try Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Turshen's recipe for Salmon in a Sriracha Lime Sauce. This incredibly easy recipe was whipped up in next to no time at all, and was absolutely 'gimme-a-second-helping' delicious. Gwyneth calls this recipe one of her go-to's and I am happy to say that it has now become one of mine as well. Try it out, and I can guarantee it will become one of yours too. 

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Chris Serio said...

When oh when do I get to taste that magnificent looking Clam Chowder! Since the Leafs are playing Boston in the playoffs starting this Wednesday, perhaps a bowl of Clam Chowder is in order so that we can literally CONSUME our enemies, amirite? :)

And thanks for the compliments on the Mint Juleps! One more excuse to make 'em :)