Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly Roundup - Southern Eats & Packing Feats

Southern Accent - Although we had already toasted to finding our new apartment after going to the viewing, it wasn't until all the paperwork was complete the following week that we felt we could really let loose and celebrate to our fresh start! The Friday after getting the "OK" from the landlord, my mom took my sister Justine, her boyfriend Duncan, and myself out for a celebratory dinner, with Justine and Duncan treating us for drinks. We decided to go to one of Justine and Duncan's favourite local restaurants, Southern Accent for their festive atmosphere and menu. We started off with a round of shaken margaritas and Southern Accent's famous Cajun calamari. The incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff informed us that they're known for their cocktails, most specifically bourbons, as well as their Calamari, which they declare to be "the best in the city". I've gotta say, with their perfectly tender calamari coated ever so delicately in their crispy, fried, cajun-spiced coating, and served alongside a pool of ginger remoulade and blackened tomato coulis, Southern Accent wins as my favourite calamari in the city that I've tried! 

Southern Accent - With so many delicious-sounding options on the menu, and with almost all of them getting the stamp of approval from Justine and Duncan, it wasn't easy to decide on my entrée. Despite the fact that I probably should have ordered something light considering that I was going out dancing to celebrate a friends birthday after dinner, I went all out and ordered Southern Accent's Black Angus Beef Brisket. The tender and spicy brisket was the perfect comforting main on a chilly Friday night, served alongside creamy garlic mashed potatoes and seared collard greens. I absolutely loved the flavour of the beef brisket, seasoned with maple chipotle BBQ sauce and dark lager, and even better when it soaked into the mashed potatoes and collard greens!

Rommi's Birthday - What do you do after stuffing your face with Southern comfort food? Why, you go out dancing, of course! After that great, big, filling dinner at Southern Comfort, I raced to join some friends for dinner (I just had drinks) and dancing to celebrate my friend Rommi's 25th birthday. After all the care Rommi had taken in throwing both myself and my friend Robin's birthdays, it was time to do it up big for Rommi! Here's Rommi, Robin, and myself with big smiles on our faces and lots of bellini's in our bellies, ringing in Rommi's big 25th!

Taste of Treme - It was fitting after a weekend filled with Southern food to come home only a few days later to a delivery from Ulysses Press, sending me a copy of their new book Taste of Tremé, a cookbook about the recipes from the famous culturally-rich New Orleans neighborhood. Although I have zero time to cook and can hardly even find the ingredients and tools that I need to cook at the moment with the big move, I am looking forward to trying out these mouth-watering cajun recipes in my new kitchen in two weeks!
Scribbles Fashion Writer - The reason why I was unable to post a Weekly Roundup last week was because I was conquering one hell of a feat...I was going through, organizing, packing up, and throwing out much of my family's art supply stash. You know how there are some people that hoard clothing, others electronics, some food? Well, my family hoards art supplies. As much as it seemed like a great idea every time my sister and I would save another scrap of fabric, an almost-empty bottle of glitter, or random broken pieces from just about anything that could maybe, possibly one day be used in a an art that I'm the one to have to go through it all...I am deeply regretting our art supply hoarding ways. Although it seemed to take forever, and I had to throw out a lot of junk, I did come across some gems that brought back old memories from my childhood that I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of. Here is one of my favourite art supplies as a young girl, my Scribbles Fashion Writer, a type of fabric paint that, in the 90's, came in an assortment of bright, neon colours, that you could draw onto fabric and would dry like plastic. Many of my sweatshirts and T-shirts as a child were embellished with my Scribbles Fashion Writer designs. 

Oil Colours - I hit the jackpot in my art supply clean-out when I came across my moms Junior High oil paint kit, with all her original doodles and her maiden name scrawled across the top. I immediately ran upstairs to show my mom this treasure from her childhood. The look on her face said it all. It was as though she had just been reunited with an old best friend. She told me this was one of her all-time favourite gifts she has ever received in her life, and told me how much she loved playing with the kit. I guess it's no surprise that my sister and I turned out as creative as we are with two parents so passionate about the arts.

BeDazzler - One of my all-time favourite gifts that I ever received as a child was my BeDazzler! Although I can't see myself BeDazzling much in the near future (although it's tempting to want to BeDazzle just about everything in my closet!), I couldn't bare to part with this special toy that I loved so dearly. There's no question that I will have to find a place for this in our very teeny new apartment.

Halloween Pumpkin 2012  - Ever since I was little, one of the things I look forward to most come Fall is carving a Jack-o'-lantern. Every single year, one or two days before Halloween, my dad, my sister, and I would get out our stash of X-acto knives and go to town on our pumpkins, creating whatever elaborate and wild design we could think of. Although with the move my dad and I had to carve out our pumpkins separately, I always draw inspiration from the pumpkins my dad had carved in the past and the techniques he had used and taught me at such a young age. Although I had originally planned on carving out a different design, I decided to create this character, sad because he knows it's his last Halloween at the Rose house.
Ocean Wise Month Kickoff - November is Ocean Wise month and to kick off this exciting month, which is meant to draw awareness to sustainable fish in Canada and the issue of over fishing, Ocean Wise hosted a Media event at Mildred's Temple Kitchen. The event included tastes from three top seafood chefs in Toronto, cooking demos, and wine and cocktail pairings as well as a breadth of information about Ocean Wise and how to make the right choices when purchasing and ordering seafood. The food at the event was exceptional (just as it was at their last event!) with Neptuno Oysters Kumamoto Oysters with Arctic Kiwi Jam being one of my favourites! I will have an entry out soon (I hope!) with more photos and information on this successful event!

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