Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Roundup - A Guuu'd Time To Celebrate

Robin's Birthday - A mere week after my 25th birthday festivities, my best friend and partner in crime, Robin, hit the big quarter-of-a-century mark as well. To kick off her birthday another one of her besties, and one of my close friends, Rommi, was thoughtful and generous enough to book a hotel room for Robin and her boyfriend to begin our pre-drink at and to crash at after partying. Rommi is one of those girls who will always have a dollar store tiara and your favourite song ready to get you into the birthday spirit. More than just a tiara and music this time, Rommi went all out by decorating the hotel in cute and quirky birthday signs, balloons, and even picked up mustache straws for the guests to sip on. Here's Rommi and I looking all dapper, proudly donning our mustache straws.

Thanksgiving Plate 2012 - With just over a month in our home left, my mom and I really wanted to host our family Thanksgiving at our house so that we could have one last family celebration before we have to give it up. Every year, actually make that every holiday, my sister and I complain that everyone always make the exact same dishes for each and every holiday (we always make it a pot luck). This year no one heard so much as a peep from my sister and I about the menu. I can only speak for myself, but I know that having the comfort of that same familiar meal one last time in my home felt really good. The dishes that each family member prepares for our holiday meals will always give me a sense of comfort and remind me of the love we have one another. I have to say, this Thanksgiving meal had to have been one of the best!

Thanksgiving Sleepy Heads - Nothing like a little lie-down after a turkey dinner. Here are my guys Lucas and Kobi having a little lie-down together after our great big Thanksgiving meal. I love them big time. Please note the carrot that Kobi seems to be cuddling under his nose.

Poolside Fall Foliage - On a beautiful sunny Thanksgiving holiday Monday the inevitable happened...we closed our pool for the very last time. Although we kept hoping for that same Indian Summer we were so lucky to indulge in last year, we had to face the facts that we would never again be swimming in our beautiful pool. Taken by the beautiful ivy-like foliage blanketing the pool gates that had now turned a stunning vibrant red, I snapped a photo of the incredible wall of red that shielded us from the wind, extending our time in the pool each year. I will miss my backyard the most. 

Guu Sakabar My sister Justine and I have always been very close with our cousin Kim, (it still feels weird to call her Kim, she'll always be Kimberlee to me) but with myself and Justine living in Toronto, and Kim in Brampton, it's been hard to see each other as often as we would like. With big ambitions of making it big in publishing and with her undergrad completed this Spring, (not to mention even more schooling this summer!) it was time for Kim to start looking for work in the city. Being one of the brightest in the family, it came as no surprise that Kim was able to land a fantastic internship in downtown Toronto. Not only is Kim's internship a great opportunity and door opener for future work, it also means that Justine and I can finally start seeing Kim on a regular basis! My sister was dying to give Kim a taste of her hood, the Annex, and take Kim to one of her favourite restaurants in the area Guu Sakabar. From the moment me, Kim, Justine, and Justine's boyfriend Duncan entered, hearing the lively loud shouts of welcome from the staff, Kim was loving the Guu experience! We started our meal off with giant pints of Sapporo, edamame, and to-die-for Maguro Tataki, seared BC tuna sashimi with ponzu and garlic chips. 

Guu Sakabar - A unanimous favourite dish at Guu was the Kimchi Nabe, a spicy hot pot of pork, tofu, and kimchi that was perfect for a chilly Fall night.

Guu Sakabar You's Time - One of my favourite things about my sisters boyfriend Duncan is when he finds something he loves, whether it's a new song, a bottle of Moet, a TV show or movie, great food/drinks, or an experience, he can't help but want to share it. Guu was an experience that both him and my sister were really excited to share with me last year and now with our cousin Kim. More than just the atmosphere, the food, and giant mugs of Sapporo, Duncan was dying for us to try his and my sisters favourite Saki, You's Time, a yuzu lemon flavoured saki that they said we would love! Not one to be stingy, Duncan ordered a whole bottle of You's Time, a move that, I have to admit, worried me after those giant beers. He assured me that the saki would go down just like lemonade, and sure enough, he was right. We all loved the saki and finished the bottle in no time!

A Cannoli Kinda Day - I can't even put into words how stressful and scary it's been selling our home, packing it up, and most distressing of all, finding a new place for my mom and I to live. With every day comes another let down, leaving us both emotionally and physically exhausted when combined with our already busy lives. I hate that I feel like I've been neglecting so many things that I value, including my friends (Danielle, Alex, Rita, just to name a few, I'm talking about you!), my blog, my goals, and my health, so incredibly drained and overwhelmed with all that is happening at home. On Thursday, after work and another week full of letdowns, I slumped down Yonge street, with the gloomiest of Radiohead songs blaring in my ears, to catch my bus. With my eyes to the ground its shocking that I noticed a menu board outside of a little Italian gourmet shop with chalk scrawled across reading "FRESH CANNOLI!". It may have very well been a stop sign. I had to pop in to get my mom and I the pick-me-up that I knew we do badly needed. It may have not been a new home, but it was the perfect sweet treat  to take our minds off of our worries, even for just a moment.

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