Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Roundup - August 17, 2012

Dr. Laffa - One of the saddest things about coming home from Israel this May was knowing that I would never have a falafel that tastes even near as delicious as the ones I had in Israel. Nervous about even ordering a falafel anywhere in Toronto, fearing the inevitable disappointment, I've found myself shying away from any Middle Eastern restaurants for the past few months (that is unless they have hookahs, which would make me forget all about it!). After reading endless tweets about the Middle Eastern restaurant and takeout joint Dr. Laffa, located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, I held some hope that maybe, just maybe, Dr. Laffa would give me that taste of Israel I have been craving! So this week, with hope in my belly, I finally headed out to Dr. Laffa. Although there was a big lineup, we grabbed a table for three immediately, and quickly learned that in order to get a sandwich after their lunch hours, you had to grab takeout. With the less than esthetically pleasing decor, and loud volume, we were happy to give up our table to join the takeout line. It would be a sin to go into Dr. Laffa and not order their infamous laffa bread, which is baked to order, so I ordered a Falafel Laffa. As soon as the charming Israeli man behind the counter started putting on my toppings, I knew I had found my Israeli falafel equivalent. With all the delicious toppings I had Israel, including the unique sauce amba, fresh falafel balls, and the warm and slightly chewy laffa bread, I was in Israeli falafel heaven! It was so incredibly delicious! The only thing I would recommend is to share your falafel! They are absolutely massive!  
The Rogers Cup - Thanks to my dads company's work with California Wines, a sponsor at the Rogers Cup, I have been fortunate enough to make it out to at least a game or two every year for quite a few years now. This year was no exception! Although we were worried all day that the game would be rained out, luckily mother nature held off for a few hours so we were able to enjoy as take in the Fish vs. Gasquet match!

barVolo - Although I was super excited to check out the first year of The Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, the on and off rain all day Saturday had me rearranging my plans. It was just too muddy, wet, and icky to be shuffling around a crowd in the outdoors. With my heart set on craft brews, we decided to check out barVolo, with their extensive selection of both Canadian and International craft beers in bottles and on tap. The cozy little space on Wellesley was the perfect spot to spend a rainy afternoon. My friend Danielle and I (we're often called "the Danielle's") perched ourselves on a couple of stools and had a great time catching up, while enjoying some unique craft beers, and devouring their delicious  587 charcuterie platter that I just couldn't resist. I really enjoyed one of their house ales on tap in their Farmhouse Series called the Sheep. You've gotta try it!

Kobi - The best doggy a gal could ever ask for! I couldn't resist putting up this pic of my sweet pup doggy, looking all beautiful and irresistible. Just look at that face! Awww my Kobi pup dog!

Denny's - My friends and I have found ourselves a new dentist...the only problem is, the office is all the way in Brampton. Why are we going all the way to Brampton to go to the dentist? Well, that story's for another time. Although it seemed like our dentist appointments were the only beneficial thing about going to Brampton (sorry Bramptonites), we quickly changed out minds as we shrieked with delight, spotting a Denny's on the way! Totally a guilty pleasure, we spent our whole dentist appointments planning what we were going to order. I Sausage Slammed it up, and loved every guilty bite!
Crêpes Florentine - I'm really proud of the recipe I created for Crêpes Florentine. Without any help from the Internet, and with this being my first try at making the French dish, I was pleasantly surprised at how perfect it turned out! Seriously, give this recipe a try!

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Tyiece Ottey said...

Great post... I loove falafels so I am gonna have to try that place out!

John Coates said...

Nice Danielle! Good to see that you got to Volo. I love that place.

Behold the Metatron said...

Looks amazing.