Monday, October 17, 2011

Rose Reisman on Ginger Rose!

I am very proud of the fact that I write, create, edit, produce, etc. all of the content on Ginger Rose, but when I received an email from Rose Reisman herself asking if I would be interested in having her write a guest post on my blog, I jumped at the chance to have someone I admire so much be apart of my site. Rose Reisman is an inspiration to me, having found so much success as a caterer, cookbook author, entrepreneur and most importantly shining a light on healthy living in an accessible (and delicious) way! This Friday I will be publishing Rose's guest post featuring my readers most buzzed about ingredient of the moment, quinoa! Rose's Quinoa with Charred Corn Bell Peppers and Spinach sounds and looks so incredibly delicious, I can hardly wait for you to check it out! Stay tuned!

Check out Rose Reisman's site Art of Living Well to learn more about her work and try her mouth-watering recipes for yourself!

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Gemel said...

Can't wait either, sounds delightful.