Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hey blogging world! 
My name is Danielle and I am a student with three part-time jobs living in Canada.  Although being a full-time student and working my butt off to make enough money to have a decent wardrobe (and perhaps buying a few textbooks now and then) takes up a lot of my time, I still make sure to have time for myself and my own interests.  And that my friends is going to be the subject of this blog! 

One of my most passionate interests is cooking and baking!! While there are a few people out there on my Facebook friend list who share this interest, I have found that the majority of people my age are absolutely PETRIFIED of cooking and baking! I find this very strange considering it is something that one has to be faced with on a daily basis.  Many of the people within my age group are so intimidated at the thought of turning on their stove that they opt to go out to restaurants or indulge in fast food every single meal each and every day! Now, there are some great restaurants out there, and trust me I know how satisfying a Big Mac meal can be after a long day of classes, but going out to eat that often can add up! How can you afford anything after all that?!  

I am hoping to make this blog a resource for those of you out there who fit the profile that I have just mentioned, and also for those of you out there interested in learning about some great new recipes! In addition to recipes, it's inevitable that I will want to share other things that interest me, particularly within the arts.  I can become very passionate about all things within the arts that, knowing me, I will feel the need to tell the world about a great new band I have been listening to, a beautiful photograph I found, or a store that I just can't get enough of!

As I am new to the blogging world, I warn any readers that it will take some time for me to adjust.  If you have any tips for me please feel free to write me to help, because I really don't know a whole lot about creating my own blog.

Hope you like what I have to offer!

xo Danielle

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kathleen said...

Thank you for your blog! I am 31 years old and am one of those people who is PETRIFIED of my kitchen. I'm hoping that can soon change... hopefully with the help of your blog! :)
xoxo - Kathleen