Friday, March 20, 2009

My Favourite Pantry

Located on College St. West in Toronto, Pantry became one of my top new finds this past summer.  With it's trendy vintage-inspired decor, you are immediately drawn into the appeal of this "fine food take-out and gourmet grocery."  Pantry has caught onto the growing trend of local and seasonal produce, creating classic flavour combinations and dishes done to perfection!  Their menu also features many vegan and vegetarian dishes.  Not only are the dishes delicious, they are also presented beautifully.  It is clear that the owners have a great aesthetic eye, as all of their products reflect the trendy vintage atmosphere.  Although it is known as a take-out place, there is a small seating area with which you are able to watch their passionate chef at work in their open-concept kitchen.  
Be sure to check out their menu online to see what's new as it changes with each season.  Also make sure you go in the summer when they have a unique and ohhhh sooo good deconstructed vegetable lasagna.
Note: (updated April 1, 2009) Check out some recipes from Pantry in the Toronto Sun!

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