Friday, August 8, 2014

Kraft Food Hacks

Hello friends! I have some very exciting news! This past week I participated in a contest that seriously could not have come at a better time, and yesterday I found out that I have been named a finalist! So what is this contest that I am oh so mysteriously alluding to? I am one of the contenders to become Kraft Canada's next Food Hacker! What is a Food Hacker, you ask? A Food Hacker is a savvy individual who knows their way around a kitchen and is able to elevate a meal, perfect a cooking method, or create an epic flavour infusion with ease! This person must also be fluent in the language of social media (*ahem* I already get paid to do that), comfortable and charming in front of the camera (*cough, cough* Theatre school grad right here), be naturally creative (ummm...I may be the only 26-year old I know who still has a craft closet that is the same size as my clothing closet), and have great kitchen skills (why yes, I am a George Brown culinary student).

This opportunity just sounds way too perfect for me, as I am known by my friends and family for being able to create inventive and interesting meal solutions with next to zero resources. I often refer to this as creating "something from nothing." I find myself creating something from nothing on a daily basis, thanks to my hatred of food waste and money-conscious mind, and am so excited to get a chance to show Canada just what I have to offer! Heck, I even food hack-ed my breakfast last weekend when my boyfriend Chris said that he had "absolutely nothing to make" in his kitchen. Let me tell you, "nothing" rarely means "nothing!" There's always something! After a quick rummage around his fridge and cupboards, I whipped up a quickie Hot Dog Bun French Toast topped with fresh peaches, maple syrup, and a dusting of icing sugar! It was delicious! Mission accomplished: Breakfast hacked.
The first round of the competition asked applicants to create a one-minute or less video that demonstrated one of our favourite food hacks, using at least one Kraft ingredient. One of my favourite food hacks was one that I learned from Chef Frank in culinary school, and that is how to peel multiple cloves of garlic all at once without getting sticky, smelly garlic fingers. This hack is effective and quite fun and was a riot to be able to film while making my homemade, fresh garlic and herb cream cheese using Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Of course Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese already makes a delicious Garlic & Herb variety that I often purchase myself, but I love being able to select my own choice of fresh herbs and spices, and really, you can't deny that fresh herbaceous flavour! Check out my video to learn how!

The second round of the competition takes place this Monday evening in the form of a Twitter party (AKA Twitter interview) between the finalists as well as lovely folks such as yourself! The Twitter party will take place between 8:00 - 9:00 PM EST and will require us finalists to answer seven questions within the hour period to demonstrate why we should be the face of Kraft Canada Food Hacks. I am really excited (but also incredibly nervous) for Monday and hope that my readers are able to join in on the fun as well! To be a guest at the Food Hacks Twitter party, click here to learn more and RSVP! Wish me luck!!

To see my own version of Food Hacks that I have been posting on my blog for years, check out my Cheaters Handbook recipes!

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