Thursday, March 27, 2014

In The Kitchen With Oma: A lesson on making German cabbage rolls

When people ask me what or who inspired me to start cooking, I always give the same answer 1) my mom, who would always let me stand on a stool in the kitchen with her, and let me get messy by helping her out in any way I could, and 2) my Oma, who always gave her grandkids a job to help her in the kitchen while making one of her delicious German dishes. I always loved those one-on-one moments in the kitchen with both my mom and my Oma, and only wish that I had time for more of that now. 

This month I was given the opportunity to go back in the kitchen with my Oma for a day of German cooking, thanks to my Food Theory class at George Brown Chef School requiring us to do a group presentation on a region of the world of our choice. With many of our group members having friends, family, and neighbors who are German, it was easy for us to pick the beer drinking, sausage eating country for our assignment. I always struggle with finding a unique and interesting way to grab the audiences attention when doing a school presentation, not wanting to give just another lame and tired Power Point that puts the class to sleep. I knew that with my Oma's vibrant personality, I had to find a way of incorporating her into my presentation. It didn't take long for me to decide to feature my lovely Oma in a short video about making one traditional German dish.

Although there are so many delicious German dishes that my Oma makes, she had her heart set on making her out-of-this-world cabbage rolls, something that I simply couldn't refuse because seriously, they are so damn good!  Although cabbage rolls were not first created in Germany, they are a dish that much of Europe has adopted, made their own, and consume on a regular basis, and Germany has become one of those places that has truly made the dish part of their diet. I hope you enjoy my video In The Kitchen With Oma: A lesson on making German cabbage rolls. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot and spend the day with her. Thank you so much, Oma! I love you! You are the best! 

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