Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How To Grow Green Onions Indoors

After moving into an apartment with my mom in November, with no balcony and zero green space, one of my biggest concerns (over and above how I'm going to eat my meals al fresco) is how I'm going to keep up my herb garden. As you may know from past posts, I was full-on obsessed with my herb garden. Now, when I say 'obsessed', I don't use the term lightly. I was so obsessed that I would use my herbs in every single meal and snack, I would wake up each morning to water and trim them, I would rub them in between my fingers and smell them every day, I would force guests to come over to the garden and sniff my herbs (this is not some subtle innuendo for something else...), I would try adding herbs to flower arrangements, heck, I even made a crazy diagram of all of my herbs, labeling all 25 of them! I was obsessed! Sure, I can grow herbs indoors, but certainly not 25 of them, and in the same abundance that I had previously grown them. Herbs don't seem to want to grow that successfully indoors. So you can imagine my excitement at finding an article on how to grow green onions indoors. I was skeptical, of course, but excited about the idea of having something to take my mind off my outdoor herb garden, and to have something that I could tend to and watch flourish (fingers crossed) right in my kitchen. 

Still not quite believing that they would grow to the extent that the article had promised, I kept putting off my green onion growing experiment, putting off, what I thought would be, inevitable disappointment. Last Monday, while cleaning out the fridge, I came across some green onions that were ready for the compost. Wilted and lacking in colour, you definitely wouldn't want to use these onions for cooking. Despite their sad appearance and texture, I figured I would give the green onion growing experiment a shot. I trimmed the onions down, cutting them just a little above where the green portion begins, and placed them in a small vase with a few inches of water to cover the roots and part of the white portion. With little hope I placed them in the kitchen windowsill and went on with my day. The next day I absolutely shocked to see how much my onions had already grown. Look at the first image on the left, you can see where I trimmed the onion and the few centimeters of growth after only one day! The image to the right is after only two days. 
Here are my beautiful little green babies after only one week! Can you believe how much they've grown? If I hadn't done the experiment myself, I wouldn't believe it! I've been so excited about their success that I don't even want to cut them! But after seeing how quickly they have grown, I know that I can trim some for a few meals, and they will be right back to where they are and ready for cooking in next to no time! Now I will never have to buy green onions again! 
  1. Trim the onions just a little above where the green portion begins
  2. Place trimmed onions in a small vase. Add a few inches of water.
  3. Place in sunlight. 
  4. Watch as your green onions grow like magic!
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