Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Roundup - Rock On To Being Healthy!

Rock Lobster Co. - I have written about my best friend Alex on my blog many times before thanks to our love of food! For as long as I can remember, Alex and I have been going out for catch-up dinners together, trying out new restaurants, chatting for hours (often being the last patrons in the restaurant or coffee shop) about just about every topic on the planet, and always leaving stuffed to the brim with our deep love for another reaffirmed. For our most recent restaurant catch-up, we decided to try out Rock Lobster Co., the much-hyped new Ossington lobster restaurant. I had been to Rock Lobster's pop up shop a couple of times before and thought their Lobster Rolls were pretty good (although a little heavy on the mayo), and was curious to see what else they had up their sleeve. After ordering a round of oysters, and Lobster Mac n Cheese for myself, as well as trying Alex's Lobster Rock Lobster Caesar (complete with a lobster tail garnish) and Lobster Poutine, I walked away feeling very much how I did after trying their Lobster Rolls at their pop up shop, pretty 'meh'. I mean, lobster is lobster, I'm going to be happy no matter what, but I found everything just under the mark. For instance, my lobster mac & cheese was lacking in the lobster department. I was craving lots of lobster, or at least a few good chunks, but it seemed the lobster pieces were few and far between. With a good atmosphere, friendly staff (including the chef who was checking on each and every table to make sure they were enjoying their experience), and the fact that Rock Lobster is filling a void in the Toronto restaurant scene (you won't find another reasonably priced, trendy shellfish resto), I was still interested to give Rock Lobster another shot.

Healthy Breakie - A few weeks ago I mentioned that I am trying to pay closer attention to my health and what I put in my body. I am very happy to report that my health kick is still going strong! Yes, I do cheat with things like Lobster Mac & Cheese now and then, but I make sure to balance out those naughty dishes with uber-healthy ones. My focus when eating healthy is to raise my alkaline levels in order to balance out the crazy amount of acidity currently making a home in my body. This healthy breakfast is an example of how I have been trying to do. A runny-yolk poached egg sits atop a bed of spinach, topped with chopped avocado and tomatoes, tossed in a garlic-heavy balsamic dressing, and dusted with cayenne pepper. The spinach in the salad acts as my main acidity warrior, fighting to moderate my pH levels, as dark leafy greens are one of the best ways to raise ones alkaline levels. Over and above spinach, I have featured many other super foods in this dish: tomatoes, avocado, garlic, and cayenne pepper are all considered super foods with an insane amount of health benefits. Wish me luck as my new healthy lifestyle continues!

Afternoon With Oma & Opa - Nothing says "comfort" like an afternoon with your grandparents. Craving a visit with them (it had been far too long), I decided to spend the afternoon with my Oma and Opa, catching up on life, sipping on wine and coffee, and, of course, indulging in Oma's delicious food! One of the highlights of Oma's incredible smorgasbord of food was her freshly made pea soup. Aaaah comfort in a bowl.

Rock Lobster Co. - A week after my first visit to Rock Lobster Co. with Alex, my friend Robin was dying to check out the place with our friend Rommi and myself. Despite the fact that I wasn't all that crazy about my first visit and was eager to try one of the many other new and buzzed about restaurants in the city, Robin was set on getting her hands on some lobster! Because I still wanted to give the place another chance, I gave in, and off we went back to Ossington to let Robin and Rommi try it out. This time I ordered the Lobster Cappuccino, Rock Lobster's take on a lobster bisque, and their Jerk Crab & Shrimp. Once again, I found myself disappointed with the lobster bisque. Although I liked the little lobster toast that accompanied the dish, topped with the same filling found in their lobster roll, I was hoping for a creamier texture and more chunks of lobster in the bique. The saving grace in the meal was their jerk crab and shrimp. Both the crab and shrimp were tender and delicious, and I loved the spicy jerk seasoning, lime and cilantro that dressed the shellfish. 

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