Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekly Roundup - September 15, 2012

Big Foot: I Not Dead - One of my favourite things to do is hang out at my sister Justine's and her boyfriend Duncan's apartment. Not only do I love hanging out with my sister and her boyfriend, who I now consider to pretty much be my brother in law, I love that entering their tiny apartment always feels like a bit of a treasure hunt. There's always some new piece of furniture that Justine's lugged from the end of someone's driveway into their home, new artwork that Justine's created, new toys and games that Duncan is excited about or a new web page that he's completed, new art books and supplies that Justine has blown her whole budget on for school, not to mention two adorable kittens that always unleash a new surprise on me! Last weekend when I went to hang at their place, the found treasure took the form of a picture book entitled Big Foot: I Not Dead by Graham Roumieu, how could I not open a book like that? The picture book turned out to be a hilarious collection of diary like entries from Big Foot himself, totally inappropriate for children, but perfect for my sense of humor. We spent about a half hour handing the book back and forth between myself and Justine, reading out various entries in our "Big Foot Voice", laughing uncontrollably. You've gotta check this book out!

Breakfast Sandwich - I always say that the only way to have a great day is to start it with a great breakfast! I always make sure to take the time to make something special for myself in the morning, which usually includes eggs, toast, bacon, and/or fruit, but this week I was craving something bigger and better! With a fresh loaf of challah bread on the counter, a breakfast sandwich was the way to go! The combo of fresh toasted bread, bacon, a well-seasoned fried egg, mayo, and lettuce, tomatoes, basil, and chives all from the garden, is truly exceptional! As you can see, I like to take my breakfast sandwich to the next level by adding fresh herbs like basil and chives. Deeeelish!

Wedding S'more Kit - One of the cutest things that I forgot to mention from Jamie and John's wedding a few weeks ago was one of the gifts that all the guests took home, homemade s'more kits! Wrapped in a cute little package, and stamped with "Happily Ever After", the s'more kits looked adorable! So adorable, that I had saved mine for weeks, just looking at the pretty package on my kitchen counter. This week when a chocolate craving hit me, I knew it was time to crack open my s'more kit! Filled with two graham crackers, individually tied with red and white twine, dark chocolate, two squishy marshmallows, and a recipe for homemade graham crackers, the kit looked just as cute once opened, and looked so perfectly "Jamie". I cranked up the gas flame on the stove, made a perfectly toasted marshmallow, and indulged in s'more goodness, day dreaming of their perfect wedding just a few weeks ago.

Quickie Bruschetta - There's nothing like bruschetta made with fresh tomatoes and bail from the garden! With tons of leftover hot dog and hamburger buns still left over from our pool party last week, and tons of fresh tomatoes and basil in the garden, bruschetta was the way to go! It's so so simple to whip up a killer bruschetta! All you need are tomatoes, red onions or shallots, fresh basil, fresh garlic, a splash of both olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and a grind of fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. What's my trick for the perfect bruschetta? I like to brush the bread lightly with olive oil, do a long slow toast so the whole piece of bread is super crunchy, then, immediately after toasting, rub the tops of the bread with fresh garlic, so it sort of melts right into the bread. Warning: DO NOT go on a date after eating this bruschetta! Ooooh garlic breath! Check out the recipe for bruschetta here!

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