Saturday, March 31, 2012

Secret Weapon: Spectrum Naturals Asian Stir Fry Oil

I like to approach cooking and baking with the same curiosity and creativity that I used to approach art assignments in grade school and university. I was very fortunate growing up to have an artist as my father, which meant that our house was always chock-full of just about any art supply you could ever imagine! The possibilities for creativity were endless in our house, with inspiration lurking around every corner! I don't get to create as much art as I'd like nowadays, but with my passion for cooking and baking, I've found new ways to channel my creative energy. Just like my abundance of art supplies always inspired me in my art assignments, I find that having a well stocked kitchen and fridge, full of interesting ingredients and tools, can always inspire me to create something delicious! A new little feature that you're going to be seeing on my blog is Secret Weapon, where I fill you in on some of my favourite ingredients and tools that I find most helpful and inspiring for me in the kitchen.

Today I want to introduce you to one of my most recent Secret Weapons, Spectrum Naturals Asian Stir Fry Oil, an ingredient that seems to make it's way into my skillet almost every day! Best for stir-frying, sautéing, and drizzling, I find myself continuously reaching for Asian Stir Fry Oil whenever I'm looking to kick up the flavours in a dish. Combining organic soy, peanut, and toasted sesame oil all in one, I love that I can use this one bottle rather than cluttering up my counter with a number of different flavoured oils. Infused with ginger, garlic and green onions, I love to start off my dishes with the oil as a base to enhance the other flavours present in the dish. Even something as simple as quickly tossing steamed green beans in Asian Stir Fry Oil can totally transform a boring side dish in next to no time! More than just a fantastic flavour booster, Spectrum Naturals Asian Stir Fry Oil has no preservatives or additives, is trans-fat free, a good source of Vitamin E, a source of Vitamin K, and has comparative health benefits to the ever popular olive oil, which helps to lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Click here to find a store near you that carries my Secret Weapon, Spectrum Naturals Asian Stir Fry Oil and start kicking up the flavours in your meals today!

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