Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mott's Clamato Borracho Caesar

Here it is folks, my Caesar with a kick, the Borracho Caesar. Featuring a hot and flavourful homemade jalapeno infused vodka. I've had so much fun this summer playing around with all sorts of Mott's Clamato Caesars, from the one's inspired by Canada that I learned how to make at the Coast to Coast Caesar Toast, to recreating ones that I've tasted at restaurants and bars around the city. Who knew that Canada's Cocktail could be so versatile?

When creating my own signature caesar, I knew that I wanted to feature a jalapeno infused vodka. After experimenting with making all sorts of different vodka infusions, I was itching to make a spicy one, infused with the hot pepper I find myself cooking with most, jalapeno peppers! Because the Caesar is already a spicy drink, I didn't want my jalapeno infused vodka to be too wildly spicy. I'm all about spice, but what is most important for me is flavour. If something is too spicy, it can overwhelm the other flavours in your drink or dish, and that heat will become the only thing your taste buds will be able to recognize. So instead of making a hit-you-in-the-face spicy jalapeno vodka, I wanted to make one that truly allows the flavour of the jalapeno to shine, while still adding an extra little hit of heat. You may not know that the jalapeno flesh actually holds little to no heat. Where the heat lies is all in the membrane and seeds of the pepper, allowing you to control how much heat you'd like to add to your vodka infusion. I left in a few seeds from each pepper as well as the membrane for a little bit of heat, but if you want to see smoke come out of your ears, go ahead and leave all the seeds in. I decided to roll with the Mexican theme that the Jalapeno peppers had introduced, so I muddled in some fresh cilantro from my garden and topped the drink off with a little bit of chili pepper. To mimic the look of the cilantro, I chose to garnish my Caesar with a leafy celery stick and of course Mott's Clamato Rimmer Salt and a slice of lime. I named my signature caesar the Borracho Caesar because "borracho" means "drunk" in Spanish, fitting with a drink that you're bound to go back for seconds and thirds for and keeping with the Mexican theme. Check out my Borracho Caesar and all of the other fantastic caesar recipes on the Mott's Clamato My Caesar Recipe Finder.

Don't forget to serve your Borracho Caesar with my mouth-watering Baked Jalapeno Poppers!

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