Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Premier Life: Get Caught Up!

Hey all you beginner cooks out there! Did ya know that I also write specialized articles catering to the beginner chef for the lifestyle blog Premier Life? Get caught up on all of my articles here:

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Velva said...

Love the idea, that you inspire beginning cooks.


Kris said...

That's awesome!!!!
Stop by because I've got the scoop on a giveaway trip to Holland!

Robin said...

I was once a self declared disaster in the kitchen (even banned from cooking due to a series of unfortunate events), but I am now confident and comfortable in the world of making delicious food! I can honestly say that my new found love of cooking is almost entirely the doing of the lovely, talented and extremely inspiring Danielle Rose. Interestingly enough, Danielle and I bonded over food and developed a long lasting friendship, in which we still get together and talk about all the incredible food we could eat. Danielle has turned my passion for eating into a passion for cooking and preparing food. I never knew that making meals could be as much fun as eating them. Thank you Danielle for introducing me to the art of cooking and for showing me that I am not such a disaster in the kitchen after all!

Peace & Love