Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tip: Frozen Bananas

The next time you see your bananas nearing their final days (or even hours!) don't fret, freeze! Freezing ripened bananas is a great time saver for the future. Don't you just hate when you feel inspired to make a particular recipe that calls for ripened bananas only to find your bananas still a lovely shade of yellow-green? Having a stock of frozen, ripened bananas in your freezer allows you to make all your favourite banana recipes like muffins, smoothies, and milkshakes on a whim.

To freeze your bananas simply place them in a ziplock bag, removing any excess air inside, and place in your freezer. When ready to use your frozen bananas, place your frozen banana on a microwave-safe dish and microwave for a few seconds to thaw enough to allow you to remove the peel.

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Anonymous said...

You can even take a minute to peel the bananas and then freeze as suggested. They thaw into a mush and it super easy to add to and muffin or bread mix.

Anonymous said...

I love not waisting a banana so freeze them for later I peel mine and wrap with press and seal. Throw them frozen into your blender with other frozen friut and you have an ice cream like smoothie.