Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tetley Tea Giveaway! What's Your Colour?

There's nothing like curling up on the couch in your favourite cozy sweater, candles burning, music playing, reading a great book, with a steaming hot mug of tea. All your senses become active and your mind is able to forget the days stresses to relax and feel comfortable and safe. No matter where your head was at that morning, this relaxing ritual allows you to escape into whatever mood you choose. Depending on the mood I feel (or would like to feel), I always pick my music, book, and tea accordingly. Tetley Tea has taken this experience to the next level with their new line of Colour Therapy Herbal Teas. Tetley has taken the concept of colour therapy (the idea that every mood or feeling can be associated with a different colour) and pushed it to a whole new level, designing teas that fit every mood on the color wheel. Everything from Turquoise - a calming blend designed to bring calm and serenity to your day, to Pink - a blend meant to induce feelings of warmth, hope, and inspiration, Tetley Colour Therapy has it all!

After seeing a commercial for Tetley Colour Therapy last week, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of their many different colours to choose from. So you can imagine my excitement when, that very same day, I was contacted by Tetley Tea, kindly (understatement of the year!) offering one of my lucky readers a beautiful and incredibly abundant gift basket (shown in the image above) containing not one, but two containers of each of the ten types/colours of tea from their Colour Therapy line, as well as a Tetley teapot, and 50 mood influencing greeting cards! How incredible is that?! I have actually tried both the Turquoise tea (a calming, stress relieving tea) and the Mint Green tea (which helps make you feel more fresh and energized) and fell in love with both! They were both so delicious and full of flavour, and truly influenced my mood in the best way possible!

For a chance to win this fantastic gift basket, check out the Colour Therapy website and leave a comment below, telling me what colour you are today and a little about your tea drinking ritual. A winner will be selected at random this Friday December 17th!

Lately i've been feeling very Violet and Pink, ready to take on whatever comes my way, feeling positive about opportunities in the new year, motivated, and most of all INSPIRED! So tell me, what's your colour today?

Good luck! xo

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Serge Gainsbourg & Francoise Hardy - Comment Te Dire Adieu

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Madison said...

Hi Danielle!

My colour today is lime green according to the Tetley Colour Therapy Test results on their website. Lime green is Mojito Mint Lime which is composed of mint, lime and a hint of honey which sounds absolutely divine. Who doesn't love mojitos? Especially when they are warm and healing in the cold winter months! YUM. That Tetley gift basket looks amazing! It was so nice to offer it to your blog readers!

Love you girl xoxo Madison

Diane said...

I am pale green according to the website - ginger mint, yum! My tea drinking started young - following my mom around and drinking her tea. Now I enjoy tea anytime of day, but my favorite is taking my tea pot and mug with me to my home office and sipping hot tea while working.

Robin T said...

G'day! According to the Tetley Colour Therapy Test my colour is pink! "warm, hopeful, inspired; if summer were a feeling, you'd be its embodiment" Seems about right since its nice and warm here in Australia and I am feeling great! Rosehip, hibiscus, apples and strawberries! Sounds delicious!!
Love you!!

Jamie, M.I.T. said...

I wanna win this sooooo bad!
The colour I ended up with was purple - which at this point is way too true! I apparently have a lot on my mind and I'm trying to juggle too much. This is waaaayy too accurate!
Soon it'll be officially holiday time and I can relax, and hopefully unwind with a whole load of tea!

Rita Choi said...

Hey Dan!

My colour is blue which is dream (the camomile lemon tea)! Perfect after a long busy day of work. Also ideal when its so miserable out!

Rommishay said...

Hi Dan!!!

My colour today is purple! According to the Tetley Colour Therapy test the colour purple is best suited with a cup of Tetley clarity herbal tea. This tea has a light taste of blueberry blended with gingko and ginseng.

Currently in Melbourne Australia it is raining and nothing sounds more perfect then curling up on the couch with a cup of Tetley's Clarity Herbal Tea!


Colleen said...

I took the quiz and it turns out that I am turquoise! I would love to win this prize - my hubby is a real tea drinker, (I send him to work each morning with TWO pots of tea & a mug full) so we go through a lot of tea - and we like a lot of variety. So this basket would be an awesome gift for us!

Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win!

edmontonjb said...

I'm orange according to the quiz. I drink my tea when I get home from walking my kids to the bus stop in the morning.


Tracy said...

Hey Danielle!!!

I love your blog and your tasty treats are always unbelievable!!! I took the Tetley colour challenge and it says I'm "violet". Which means I exude positive energy wherever I go. I try to always see the positive in things and as my grandpa says it's important to keep a PMA (positive mental attitude). I hope I win not only do I LOVE tea but Ty is British... so... I kinda need to win hahaha!!!

Great job on everything my dear! keep it up xoxox

Becca said...

Hi Danielle!
My colour is PINK! Warm, hopeful and inspired! Currently in the middle of exams with a cup of tea next to me to get me through, this is definitely a nice thing to hear! But tea does that for me, it makes me feel all warm inside! "Rosehip, hibiscus, apples and strawberries!" YUM!

Elisabeth said...

Hi, apparently my colour today is mint green - time is dragging on and I'm feeling unmotivated and sluggish. This is true - I'm just entering my second trimester of pregnancy and I've been feeling really blah lately. I absolutely love tea and herbal tea in particular, which comes in handy now during pregnancy when I'm trying to avoid caffeine. Anytime of day is a good time to drink tea for me, but I especially love to have a cup of some delicious herbal concoction when I'm doing computer work. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous looking gift basket!


Gingermommy said...

My colour is orange, I love tea in the AM and when I want to feel "comfy"