Monday, July 19, 2010

Farmers Market Appreciation

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have fallen in love with a loaf of bread!!...well, maybe that's taking it a little too far, but it's certainly not far off! A few weeks ago I tried St. Johns Bakery Cilantro and Olive Loaf that I had picked up from Patisserie La Bamboche on Avenue Rd. The moment my parents walked through the door the evening I brought the loaf home, I was practically force feeding them the loaf that I knew they would go crazy over! They loved it so much, they woke up early the next morning to go to the farmers market to see what other breads St. Johns sells.

Not only was there a wide variety of handmade, organic breads for sale, but the owner of St. Johns bakery was even at the farmers market himself. That is one of the most wonderful things about farmers markets. Not only are you being guaranteed fresh, local, high-quality produce, but you are able to actually interact with the artisans and farmers who have been there for the hands-on process of creating and/or growing each and every item in their stand. Having artisans and farmers as the vendors allows the public to know exactly where their food came from, how the product came from farm to market, and learn tips and tricks on how to store, pair, and prepare the produce in the best possible way!

To find an Ontario farmers market near you, click here!

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Diana Mieczan said...

I love organic products too:) I cant wait to check the link:)